Virtualization Deep Dive 2010

With the New Year, comes a new Community Virtualization Deep Dive Day.  This year, we have what looks like will be the best lineup ever.  In addition, we will be simulcasting part of the event to other locations across the country so people in other locations can enjoy the show! 


More details can be found on the Deep Dive Day Landing Page.   In a nutshell it is an all day virtualization event being held in Waltham MA on Friday Feb 12, 2010.  We have Panopto lined up to simulcast one of the five tracks to the New York City Microsoft Offices as well as other locations across the country.   Many of the sessions will be recorded and made available for online viewing after the show. 




When: Friday Feburary 12, 2010


Virtualization Deep Dive Day – Feb 12th 2010



We have most of the details ironed out about the Virtualization Deep Dive Day on Feb 12.  I think I have mentioned it to all of you.  I wanted to write to get commitment from you on your level of interest in participation.   At the very least, I would love for you to promote the event.  If possible, I would very much appreciate any assistance you could provide on the day of the event.  In a nutshell it is an all day virtualization event being held in Waltham MA.  We have Panopto lined up to simulcast to the web and would like to  have one track of the event presented at the NYC Microsoft Office on the day of the event.  There will be an opportunity for attendees in NYC to ask questions of the presenters and we hope to also have one or two subject matter experts onsite in NYC.  Edwin Woo will be the owner of the NYC part of the event.  We have reserved the MPR rooms (Belvedere & Bethesda Terrace Conference Room) which seats 75 people. We have at least one Microsoft person on cue to support the event.  I would be looking for you guys to do what you do best…


Help coordinate things on the ground in NYC and drive attendance.  Details of the event can be found at  All groups that participate at any level (even just promoting it to their users) will be listed on the website as sponsors.  Those that help with coordination will be eligible for profit sharing from the event.  We will handle registration on our end.  We have already lined up sponsors and speakers so it will be pretty easy on your part.  If you want to line up additional local sponsors/speakers, you are welcome to do that.


There will be a very small fee for attendees.  I think it will be $10 early bird and $15 after that.  We am arranging to get some Swag to you guys so at the end of the day when we do Swag handout’s you will do the same at your event.  All of the funds you bring in for the entry fee will go to the NYC groups that actively participate in the event. We will also be offering an online option after the event so people can attend virtually if they cannot make it the day of the event.  The online option will be $15.  If Live attendees want to also have access to the online content they can get a ticket for only $10.  All of these details and more will be documented once the registration site goes up next week.  All content will be streamed from Waltham MA.  If you have a speaker locally that you would rather cover the content (or change the content) that is fine with us.  We do have agreements with some vendors so there may be one or two sessions that we will not be able to change.  The NYC Schedule currently looks like the following:

Hyper-V Virtual Netwotk

In Hyper-V 2008 R2 you have three types of virtual networks i.e. External , Internal and Private.

Private- a virtual network between VM-to-VM

Internal- a virtual network between VM-to- Host. Here the virtual network act like as a loopback adapter.

External- a virtual network between VM-to-External or physical access to the network card.


Hyper-V presentation at NY Exchange UG is available here

Today I did my 2nd presentation in New York, this time it was for New York Exchange User Group in the New York City ( It was a level 300 session where I covered Hyper-V on Windows Server 08 R2 and Hyper-visor R2 (core server). So what did I cover?

Difference between the 2 Hypervisor
New features and enhancement in R2 of Hypervisor
Better management of Hypervisor using Hyper-V Manager and RSAT tool
Initial setup and configuration of Windows Server R2 Hyper-V
Initial setup and configuration of Hyper-V Core Server
Setting up the network , joining to the domain and enabling remote desktop on Hyper-V Core Server
Setting up Firewall Rules on the Hyper-V Core to enable Remote Management
Accessing the Hyper-V Core Server from the remote client (Hyper-V Manager or RSAT on Windows 7 )
Device Management, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Firewall Management, Service etc of the  Core Server from the Remote Client i.e. Windows 7
Command Line configuration of Hyper-V Server Core firewall and remote managment.

Hyper-V_Final_1 – Presentation Slides