What you need to know about the OWA Change Password feature of Exchange Server 2007

What you need to know about the OWA Change Password feature of Exchange Server 2007

is a nice post at MSEXchange team blog – I’ve been facing alot of issues and support calls where user’s couldn’t change their OWA password. This article has te information to fix the issue –

If you want to know how simple it is made on Exchange 2007 SP3 (another reason to upgrade Exchange 2007 to SP3) and Exchange 2010 – another informative post by Exchange team

Tip $$$
Exchange 2007, if you just changed the password and try again same day (depending upon your AD password policy) you may end up facing the error that your password doesn’t meet the complexity requirement to change the password. This is pain in the neck but make sense – So RESET the password in AD and select the option ‘user must change the password at next logon’

Something more about Exchange 2007

Send Connectors and Receive Connectors

One Receive connector is configured to receive SMTP traffic from all sources by listening on Port 25. A second Receive connector is configured to receive SMTP traffic from non-MAPI clients by listening on Port 587. The Client Access server role provides the IMAP4 and POP3 protocols for non-MAPI clients.

Edge Transport Server Co-Existence
You can add an Edge Transport server to an existing Exchange organization without upgrading the internal Exchange servers or making any organizational changes. You do not have to perform any Active Directory preparation steps when you install the Edge Transport server. If you are using the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter in Exchange Server 2003 to perform anti-spam tasks, you can use the Edge Transport server to provide an additional layer of anti-spam protection. The Edge Transport server provides antivirus and anti-spam protection as messages enter the network.

When an Edge Transport server is deployed to support an Exchange organization that has not yet deployed Exchange 2007, a limited set of features are available. You can’t create an Edge Subscription in this scenario. Therefore, you cannot use the Recipient Lookup or safelist aggregation features.


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Exchange 2007- Tips for backup

I’d like to share few tips for backing up your Exchange Server

Full backup – everyday
Copy backup- end of the week or month for archiving purpose
Incremental backup- your choice. Incremental backup are faster to backup while slow in restore
Differential backup- your choice. Differential backup are slower to backup but faster to recover.