Enable Auditing in Office365

If you are concerned about changes made to Exchange Online SharePoint Online Any tenant configuration settings, and changes made by users to any documents and other items.

NowYou can use enabled Auditing and use audit information and reports available in Microsoft cloud services to more effectively manage user experience, mitigate risks, and fulfill compliance obligations. In this video I’ll demonstrate you to enable and leverage Auditing feature in #Office365

Creating and Deleting Sites in SharePoint Online #Office365

You can use the SharePoint Online Management Shell to efficiently manage users, sites, and organizations instead of using the SharePoint Online Administration Center.

What is the difference between SharePoint Online cmdlets and Office 365 cmdlets?

The set of SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlets differs from the set of Office 365 for professionals and small businesses cmdlets. SharePoint Online Management Shell cmdlets manage SharePoint Online users and sites, whereas Office 365 cmdlets manage Office 365 level tasks such as domain, license, organization information, and services. They both manage users and groups. However, Office 365 users and groups are not only for SharePoint Online services, but also for Exchange Online and Lync Online Services.

Set up the SharePoint Online Management Shell environment for SharePoint Online global administrators

Perform the following:

  1. Install Windows PowerShell 3.0 from Windows Management Framework 3.0.
  2. Install the SharePoint Online Management Shell from the Microsoft Download Center.
  3. Click Start>All Programs>SharePoint Online Management Shell.
  4. Run Connect-SPOService. For example, Connect-SPOService -Url https://contoso-admin.sharepoint.com -credential admin@contoso.com, where:
    • Url is the URL of the SharePoint Online Administration Center.
    • Credential is the user name to which you want to grant access to the SharePoint Online Administration Center site.
  5. Try it out! For example, run Get-SPOSite to get a list of all sites.


Lab Example



You will see there are two new site created




Delete A Sharepoint Online Site Sp-delete