Setup multi-factor authentication in Office 365

For businesses using Office 365 and Microsoft 365, add a setting that requires your users to log in using multi-factor authentication. When you make this change, users will be prompted to set up their phone for two-factor authentication next time they log in.

Using multi-factor authentication is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the security of your organization. It’s easier than it sounds – when you log in, multi-factor authentication means you’ll type a code from your phone to get access to Microsoft 365.

Enabling MFA in Office is one the steps toward best practices and it also improves your tenant’s secure score

Security and Compliance in Office 365 | Data Governance

Data governance covers the entire lifecycle of your data in Office 365, and not just security or management of data. Adequate data governance requires a combination of strategies, policies and processes, and of course technologies. Microsoft Office 365 isn’t the only data governance solution, but, it’s typically the most convenient data governance solution for many businesses who are running their business on #Office365. In this video I’m going to demonstrate how does it work behind the scene. And data could be anywhere , either in Exchange Online, One Drive for Business, SharePoint Online may be in MS Teams etc, you get the idea, right 🙂

Is Youtube VULNERABLE too?

It is 1:10 AM and I got a IM from Shijaz and he told me to check his Blog, I found he wrote about vulnerability in the Youtube? So I tried the same and making sure whether it is a YOUTUBE problem or problem at our ISP (Etisalat). I’m not sure where the problem exists actually but as a end-user I’m facing some problem. I signed-in with my login id and then what I see is that I can see other people’s Id and their mailbox too. Have look below on the screen shots …. Whom to blame? Are you listening Google / Youtube?



See another ID here


See the mailbox here


So if you are one of the victims here then don’t blame me and better complain to Google or Youtube.