Adding Vista on a SBS2003 R2 DC

Lately I’ve upgraded my laptop to Windows Vista Business Edition on SBS 2003 R2 network. I tried configuring the Vista using http://sbssrvr/ConnectComputer but I received the error that I can’t continue and I need to update the patch on SBS 2003 server to continue the procedure on adding a new machine. Since this a compatability issue of Vista with SBS2003 but this issues can be resolved by applying

KB article 926505 & KB article 911829Visit this url for more details

Once you are done with updating the above KBs on SBS2003 R2 then follow the http://sbssrvr/ConnectComputer you will then see the following snapshot during your installation.

Adding Vista to SBS2003 R2 DC

Adding Vista to SBS2003 DC

Adding Vista to SBS2003

Adding vista to SBS2003

adding vista to sbs 2003

adding vista to sbs 2003

Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 compatibility (KB 926505)

Update for Windows Small Business Server 2003: Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 compatibility (KB 926505) 

Brief Description-

This update adds support for the Windows SBS Client Deployment tools along with other compatibility issues for Windows Vista and Office 2007 in a Windows SBS network. For the full list of updates necessary for Windows Vista and Outlook 2007 compatibility see the Instructions section. Download and install all updates for full Windows Vista compatibility with Windows SBS 2003

KB article 926505 & KB article 911829

Visit this url for more details

Benefits of using RWW

Benefits of using RWW

 There is not a very big list of benefits of RWW but there are very few and very usefulIf you are an IT administrator then you can provide the remote support to the en-user from your desktop.If you are an IT administrator and if you are not available at the on-site but the user need supports from you then you can support him/her from anywhere and anytime. You just need an internet connection.If you are an IT Solution Provider then you can also entertain the support call from your office. You can log into the customer’s corporate PC, troubleshoot the problem and that’s it. Thus it saves your travel time, support time and helps you to manage multiple support call in the same time it would have taken to you to visit the customer site.  

 SBS 2003 R2 can help you generate more revenue if you really know how-to do it.If you are business user and you are out of office or out of country and suddenly you need to access some financial files at 3:00 AM then what would you do? Simple – just log into your desktop from anywhere and anytime and access your important file. You can also have access to your corporate Exchange email anytime anywhere.


This gives you easy access to your data in a secured way.


RWW in SBS 2003 R2

RWW – Remote Web Workplace.

Yes SBS 2003 R2 gives you the option to work remotely through the web anytime anywhere. This means you can access your server and even your desktop from anywhere. You can log into your corporate desktop, access to My Documents, check emails using OWA or anything just like you are sitting in front of your desktop.RWW is outstanding features in SBS2003 R2 for commuter or anyone else who is mobile most of the time and need to access the corporate emails and documents. It makes you get connected. It is very simple to install and easy to use, no hi-tech skills are required JYou can logon to your company’s SBS 2003 R2 website e.g. http://sbssrvr then you will see a webpage just like in the picture 1.

The picture below gives you four option but we are concerned with only REMOTE WEB WORKPLACE.



When you click on the REMOTE WEB WORKPLACE you will get the following option
RWW Login

When you click on the REMOTE WEB WORKPLACE you will get the following option.

Once you will provide the appropriate username and password you will get the Welcome message from the RWW. If you notice this webpage is HTTPS means it is secured. You will need your AD username and password to login. Here you will find a number of options either to logon on the Client Desktop or Server Desktop. Plus you can do the Administration of company’s internal website (running on sharepoint services) and you can monitor the help desk if there are any support issued logged in.
RWW Welcome


The picture below shows the name of Client Desktops. You just need to click on it to logged in to that particular desktop.

RWW Connect Computer


The picture below shows the name of SERVER Desktops. You just need to click on it to logged in to that particular SERVER.

RWW Connect Computer


Here is show the SERVER login screen on a HTTPS session. So you need to provide the username and password and that’s it.

RWW Login

Sharepoint services in SBS 2003 R2

 I’ve been going throuhg the configuration of my own SBS 2003 R2 and I found Sharepoint services very interesting. In fact I’ve been through sharepoint services many times but this is the first time I’m doing it for my own. Yes never got the chance to it for my own. Sharepoint services installed during the typical setup of SBS2003 R2 setup and I just need to leanr the product to make the use of this website or I better call it Intranet website or it can be named as Company internal website.A website where you can communicate and collaborate with your organization / employees in real-time. It is very easy and very productive product  and can be used in any ways. You have to know and learn how can you make the use of sharepoint services. Sharepoint services does come along with Windows Server 2003 also and it is same. Here I’ll walk through the very few things of sharepoint but I’ll keep on updating as long as I get the time to publish the blog.

The picture below shows the main page of your Company website i.e. http://companyweb

On the left hand side you will find Documents, Pictures, List,Dicussions and Surveys. And on the main you will see Announcements. These are the main features which are showing the meaning itself.

Sharepoint services - company web main page

PIC -2 below
In the picture below you will see General Documents where you can create a new document, upload an existing document, create a new folder,Filter the file, you can edit the document in the Datasheet.

Click the image to enlarge
General Document

PIC-3 below
Here you will find an a new uploaded document ‘managed services marketing letter’.  You can Edit, Delete, Discuss and take the properties of this document. You can also view the version history of this document too.

Click the image to enlarge
General Document

PIC -4 Document versioning
Here you will see 2 documents “A small business server” and “Managed services marketing letter”. One these documents has three version. Look at the PIC-5.
 Click the image to enlarge
document version 1

PIC-5 – Document versioning
if you look at the picture below you will find THREE Versions of the same documents at different times. This is the feature I like most in the Sharepoint. This way my original file still remains the same while other users still edit the file and it never over writes. Bingo . Try it yourself.

Click the image to enlarge
docuent version 2