Yes Exchange 2019 Server finally available to public although it is in a public preview, but it has all the major features in it. For IT Pro who just want to test it they can simply download it from here.

For those who’d like to know more about the product, here is high level product overview

Secured by Design

This product version Exchange 2019 is now even more secured. Now you can install Exchange 2019 Server on Windows Server 109 Core version. As per Microsoft this is the most secured deployment of Exchange Server, but it doesn’t mean that GUI version is less secured. End of the day it is your choice which method you prefer to manage your Exchange 2019 Server.

Exchange Server 2019 installed on Windows Server 2019 Core provides the most secure platform for Exchange.”  (Exchange Team, July 24, 2018)

Improved Performance | More Compute Less Servers

Today in the market there is enough computer, storage and memory with the server hardware. Storage being the cheapest one followed by compute and then memory. If you shop for server then you will they come with multiple processor and each processor with many cores. It gets very tricky when you have to deploy Exchange 2013/2016 under PA. The existing requirement for the deployment of Exchange 2016 is 24 Core (12 ore per pro) and maximum 192 GB RAM. In this you need to look for specific model of the servers. Now with Exchange 2019 this is not an issue anymore. Exchange 2019 support 48 Core and 256GB RAM. (still waiting for accurate sizing details from exchange team). Not sure if it would matter to have 4×12 Core or 2×24 core proc. It still helps because this will significantly reduce the number of servers in the large-scale deployment.

Another significant change in the architecture the way it manages the disk storage. Now Exchange 2019 server has the built-in capability to support multi-tiered storage architecture.Exchange 2019 leverages SSDto store key search data, improves login faster and faster retrieval of messages. Now what is required in order to set it up I’d recommend you wait for more details from Exchange Team on their blog.

Database failover is nothing new to Exchange Admin. When a database if failed and a new copy is activated search has to build from start which takes time and impact on end-user experiment and additional burden to Exchange Admin.  Now with the new architecture in Exchange 2019 these search indexes are now within the databasesand normal log shipping includes the database and search data in a single replication and the index is always up to date on all database copies.  This is big relief for sure

Improved End-user Experience

Exchange is known for its state-of-the-art communication and collaboration feature and has a very large footprint in the market. Exchange being in Office 365 as Exchange Online has the most up to date feature in the service. With this new product IT admin and end-user will be able to see some of those features in their on-premises Exchange server 2019. Exchange product team has announced that “Do Not Forward”and “Simplified Calendar Sharing”will be available in on-premises version.  Exchange Admins will also see some more features related to calendaring, and new administration improvements to manage events in end-user’s calendar and delegate permission assignment.

What is the release date of Exchange 2019?

We hope to hear more details about Exchange 2019 during MS iGnite 2018