I’m so excited to announce that Microsoft has awarded me their MVP AWARD on the January 1st 2017, what an amazing start of the year — unbelievable. I was so happy when I got the email that I’ve been awarded for Office Servers and Services MVP.

See my profile here on MVP Site 

I’ve been asked this question about what it takes to be a MVP?

Well simple answer is go to mvp.microsoft.com and explore the unlimited opportunity.  This website also tells you ‘ What it takes to be a MVP?’

“The Microsoft MVP Award gives us the unique opportunity to celebrate, honor and say thank you to top-notch technology experts who make outstanding contributions to their communities. These technology experts have an unstoppable urge to get their hands on new, exciting technologies and love to share their knowledge. While there is no single way to become an MVP, we have some great examples that showcase our MVPs and the passion, community spirit and leadership they have exhibited to earn the MVP award.”

Some Tips – here are some tips to earn this award. 

#1 – you love what you do every day

#2 – passion

#3- dedication

#4- consistency

#5- be focused


What do I mean by all of above is that, this is something what you love doing it everyday at your work. Something you are excited about, passion for technology what you work with. It needs consistency. The idea is that you are solving the problem,s real challenges faced by business and you are finding the solution for those issues.

Is MVP Program changed?

Unlike before there were MVP awarded based on a product such as Exchange Server MVP Or SharePoint MVP, now they have changed the structure. Now  If you contribute to areas that span multiple technologies, you have the opportunity to potentially be recognized in multiple MVP Award Categories. We are very excited about this for our community!