This will explain how to create a new Address Book Policy, it is not just the New-AddresBookPolicy  cmdlet.

In this scenario we will setup a new address book policy for RD (Research & Development) Department. Below is the list of cmdlets you need to type in order to create ABP for HR Department

Things you need to setup before creating a new Address Book Policy – Pre Reqs

1- Global Address List for RD

New-GlobalAddressList -Name “GAL RD” -IncludedRecipients MailboxUsers -ConditionalDepartment RD

2- New Address list for RD
New-AddressList -Name “RD” -RecipientFilter {((RecipientType -eq ‘UserMailbox’))} -RecipientContainer RD


3- New Offline Address Book for RD
New-OfflineAddressBook -Name “RD OAB” -AddressLists “RD” -VirtualDirectories “Ex2013-mbx1OAB (Default Web Site)”

4 – New Room list  — for room list you will need to setup a room mailbox and distribution group

New-Mailbox -Database “MBX2DB1” -Name RD_Confroom -OrganizationalUnit “RD” -DisplayName “RD_ConfRoom” -Room
***********                                                        *************************
New-DistributionGroup -Name “RD_ConfRoomList” -OrganizationalUnit “” -RoomList
Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity “RD_ConfRoomList” -Member RD_Confroom@WINDOWSITADMIN.NET

Use shell to convert the Distro to Room List
set-DistributionGroup -Identity “RD_ConfRoomList” -RoomList

get the list of room list
Get-DistributionGroup -RecipientTypeDetails ‘roomlist’

Create a new Address Book Policy based on above details for R&D Department
New-AddressBookPolicy -Name “RD ABP” -AddressLists “RD” -OfflineAddressBook “RD OAB” -GlobalAddressList “GAL RD” -RoomList “RD_confRoomList”

Now apply the policy to a mailbox in R&D department
Set-Mailbox RD1 -AddressBookPolicy  ‘RD ABP’

This is how ABP can lock down a user mailbox to specific to their department.