A typical Exchange Website right after you install the Exchsnge Server 2013 or legacy version. This post will show you how to fix it. If you  look at the address it has server name and the domain name i.e. ex2013-mbx1.windowsitadmin.net. I do a Godaddy cert for WindowsITAdmin.com and I will show in this post how to fix this issue and as well set the other Exchange Virtual directories for OWA ECP and Autodiscover to replicate a production environment.


Once we are done with configuration it will appear as HTTPS://MAIL.WINDOWSITADMINC.COM/ECP & HTTPS://MAIL.WINDOWSITADMIN.COM/OWA AND also AutoDiscover

Let’s begin – (it is assumed that you have already installed or imported the certificate – check out my previous blog post)

First step is being with setting up the virtual directories


Existing default default setup/virtual directories




This is a pull using Powershell fro server ex2013-mbx1 server of the same above OWA  virtual directoryVDir2


Another pull fro ECP Virtual DirectoryVDir3

Now I am going to set all the Virtual Directories to WindowsITAdmin.com



Same way I will setup the OAB Powershell EWS and Microsoft ActiveSync Virtual Directories for both Internal and External URL depending on the requirement.

Now moving on setting up the Autodiscover Uri for Outlook



 Now accessing the Outlook Web Access