Move often asked what it need to setup a running/testing email server? What do I need to do after I install the Exchange 2013/2010 Server. Below are some basic steps I mean basic not all. If this is your very first time you will need to set it up before or after you install the Exchange Server 2013/2010 and then follow the instruction on Microsoft TechNet for Exchange Server

#1. Get the Domain name from the registrar e.g. CONTOSO.COM from Godaddy or any domain reseller
#2. Get the Public IP for your Exchange server from your networking team or ISP
#3. Now Ask the registrar to create the DNS Records for you and point them to your internet IP

example your IP is have them create

A  Record
CNAME  Record
CNAME Record
MX  Record
Add Accepted Domain in Exchange Server
Configure the Email Address Policy
Create a SEND Connector
Install the digital certificate on Exchange (which you bought from Godaddy)
Configure the IIS and SMTP Service on the cert
Set the Virtual directories

When you think everything is configured properly then test it –