NJ Unified Communication User Group
NJ Unified Communication User Group

Few weeks back  I wrote an article on Exchange 2013 CAS HA with Kemp which was very interesting to not only to share with the community but also configuring it on my virtual lab. And now this time I have done the same thing but using Exchange 2010 CAS servers. It didn’t really take much time as it has to follow same steps and same concept except this time I had to use Layer7 option to make it work. I will show step by step how easy it is to setup and how quickly you can have your Exchange Environment Highly Available.

In my last lab I was suing Windows Server 2008 HyperV and this time I am using Windows Server 2012 Hyper. I do not have words to explain the experience but all the VMs are amazingly fast and gives awesome performance. If you have not tried then you must give it a try. So upgrading to Hyper 2012 was another experience and VHDs are now VHDX.  So let me show you the STEP BY STEP CONFIGURATION OF EXCHANGE 2010 CAS HIGH AVAILABILITY USING KEMP VIRTUAL LOAD MASTER

So if you run Exchange 2010 and want to make it HA without buying extra hardware Windows Server Hypver 2012 is the way to go.

It took me exactly 7 steps.
Make sure your individual CAS server fully functional and the DNS is configured appropriately.


















ex2010-09 ex2010-010


Cheers 🙂