Background- I have been so busy and didn’t get enough time to talk about my experience at MEC 2012 (Microsoft Exchange conference). last night i got an idea to share some of my MEC notes and starting with one of my most favorite topic of the conference is Transport Architecture. I will try to get in touch with the speaker to get more details If i am lucky enough to get his contact 😦


MY MEC Notes

Exchange 2013 Transport Architecture 

  • There is No HUB TRANSPORT Role, it is just TRANSPORT Services. Don’t use HUB anymore.
  • The Client Access Front-End (Café) receives all the external emails and passes it to the Mailbox Transport Services to the Database
  • The CAS uses the default 25 port for the SMTP services
  • If both CAS and MBX server roles installed on a same server (hardware/vm) then Mailbox Transport service will use port 2525 to deliver messages to the database
  • If CAS and Mailbox server are configured separately then SMTP (25) can be used on both in other word Mailbox server is also listening on  port 25
  • Delivery Groups– Each DAG acts as the Delivery Group. If there is no DAG then Mailbox server will act as a virtual DAG, thus a Delivery Group
  • Delivery Groups -Mail is routed via Delivery group, AD sites and Hub Sites can take precedence over Delivery Group if configured customized.
  • To send an email externally using CAS Proxy, you need to specify the server/source on the Mailbox Server Role
  • To allow trusted site to use your SMTP Relay you don’t to allow a long list of IP, you can achieve it by trusting their certificate.
  • CAFÉ – Client Access Front End only does the protocol logging and connectivity logging

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