If you are a UG Leader member of GITCA, please vote me running for Global Vice-Chair. If you have any question feel free to ask me or email me – Adnan.Rafik [at] GITCA [dot] ORG
Now that the deadline date of July 13 for nominations for the position of the GITCA Global Vice-Chair has passed we wish to inform you that two [2] valid applications have been received.
Accordingly there will be an election to decide who will be appointed to the position. You are receiving this email as the representative of record for your GITCA member organization and thus entitled to vote on behalf of your organization.
Each member organization is entitled to one [1] vote to be cast for either of the candidates.
All votes will be held in confidence.

If you wish to vote for ADNAN RAFIQUE please use the following:
Send email to
Subject: Vote for ADNAN RAFIQUE


Please include the name of your member organization in the body of the email so that we can validate the vote. Only those emails including the name of the member organization will be counted.
So please don’t forget as that will make more work for us by having to remind you.
We want all votes to count!
Please note all votes must be received by Monday, August 6 2012 in order to be counted.