I have been waiting for this since I bought my Samsung Infuse (Android). I have just configured it and it rocks. You gotta try it too

This solution article provides information on how to setup your Hotmail account on Android phones.

Android app:
Search for Hotmail on the Android Market from your mobile device. Select the Hotmail app listed by Microsoft+SEVEN. Tap the install button.

You can also access the app on the Android Market here.

Key features include:

• With push email get messages on your phone without delay
• Synced calendar and contacts
• View your folders in Hotmail, including sub folders
• Send pictures from your phone using Hotmail
• Supports multiple Hotmail accounts
• Send, receive and view attachments

App is compatible on Android versions 2.1 and above.

Instructions for default mail client

Account settings and their level of support will vary across Android phones. While the steps to configure push email with synced contacts and calendar will vary, we have found these steps to work across a number of phones:

1. Select Email client on phone.
2. Press menu and select Add account
3. Enter full Hotmail address: e.g. username@hotmail.com or username@live.com
4. Enter password
5. Select Manual setup
6. Select Exchange when prompted for “What type of account is this?”
7. Domain/Username, enter full Hotmail address: e.g. username@hotmail.com. (Note: if the device only says “Domain”, it should be left blank. If the device says “Username”, then enter the full Hotmail address. On some devices, the Domain/Username may be pre-populated incorrectly and should be erased.
8. Type in password. (may already be filled in)
9. Server name. Enter: m.hotmail.com for server name. (Note: this field may be pre-populated incorrectly depending on device).
10. Make sure box Use secure connection (SSL) is checked.
11. Select Next
12. Select desired account options for inbox checking frequency, number of days to synchronize, send email by default, notifications and contacts/calendar sync. Select Next.
13. Depending on device you may be prompted for account color and account name (e.g. “Hotmail”)
14. Select Next and your Hotmail is set-up and ready to go!

If these steps aren’t working, you can always access Hotmail through your phones browser at www.hotmail.com

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