Exchange 2007 Transport Dumpster – how does it work

There are some important points

  • Dumpster works only with CCR implementation
  • The maximum size of the Transport dumpster queue per storage group is for all the storage groups
  • To disable the dumpster we should define to 0
  • The cmdlet used to define is set-transportconfig
  • An eventid 2099 will appear when a failover event occurs
  • The recommended size of MaxDumpsterSizePerStorageGroup should be 3 times more than the maximum message size
  • When the limit is reached the first in is the first out
  • The transport dumpster depends on the RPC between two cluster nodes. Once the failed node come back online it will keep trying to sync with the other node and deliver the queue. The maximum time is several times a day for the 7 days.

[PS] C:>get-transportconfig