Today I did my 2nd presentation in New York, this time it was for New York Exchange User Group in the New York City ( It was a level 300 session where I covered Hyper-V on Windows Server 08 R2 and Hyper-visor R2 (core server). So what did I cover?

Difference between the 2 Hypervisor
New features and enhancement in R2 of Hypervisor
Better management of Hypervisor using Hyper-V Manager and RSAT tool
Initial setup and configuration of Windows Server R2 Hyper-V
Initial setup and configuration of Hyper-V Core Server
Setting up the network , joining to the domain and enabling remote desktop on Hyper-V Core Server
Setting up Firewall Rules on the Hyper-V Core to enable Remote Management
Accessing the Hyper-V Core Server from the remote client (Hyper-V Manager or RSAT on Windows 7 )
Device Management, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Firewall Management, Service etc of the  Core Server from the Remote Client i.e. Windows 7
Command Line configuration of Hyper-V Server Core firewall and remote managment.

Hyper-V_Final_1 – Presentation Slides