October 12-14 is almost here. Don’t forget to register for the biggest Architecture event to hit New York, ever! See the event description. The event is filling up fast.

On that date in New York The International Association of Software Architect (IASA) will hold the biggest IT Architect Regional Conference (ITARC) ever held, perhaps the biggest IT Architecture conference ever held anywhere. Although it is billed as a regional conference it will bring together most of the leading architects of our generation, people like Grady Booch, John Zackman, Eric Evans, Bill Inmon, Len Bass, etc. This is the first time that all these industry though-leaders have ever assembled in one place.

In addition to hearing keynotes about the state of architecture today from these thought-leaders you will also hear from many other local and national architects in five parallel breakout tracks and have the option to attend a one day training pre-conference as well.

Please attend the conference. Furthermore, whether you can attend or, not please post the conference announcement prominently where you work and pass it on to all other senior developers, architects, CTOs, and CIOs in your company. Also please pass it on to your peers in other companies and post it on any social networks that you use like Face book, Twitter and LinkedIn.

In order to stimulate attendance we are offering a 10% discount off the listed registration fee to anyone who registers using the special user group registration code: chapter2346. Also, for every company that registers three attendees they will get a fourth attendee from that company in free!

The event will be held at an incredible new facility in New York, Lighthouse International, at 111 East 59th Street (between Lexington and Park Avenue, close to many subway lines) Our venue committee has posted a screen show of the facility.

For more details on the event please see the event description here

Please help us make New York the Architecture capital of the world in October!



Bill Zack, President, IASA New York

646 225-4904 (Work phone)
203 545-2339 (Mobile phone)