I’m happy to be there and gained some new information especially about the Hyper-V. This event is happening throughout the Gulf region so if you missed it in Abu-Dhabi then you still have the chance to attend it in Dubai on 23rd of Nov and other Gulf countries. Overall the event and the contents were very good; I’m talking about I.T. Pro track and the contents as there was another track for Developers.

In the IT Pro tracks the main focus was Virtualization and the Application streaming. Both these topics I’m familiar about it but got to know some new things in Virtualization track from the speaker Yousuf Bismillah from Microsoft. The MSFT –HP track followed by the HP (I didn’t like it because the presentation was really bad). Application streaming is again delivered by the Yousuf Bismillah. During all the session from Yousuf Bismillah there was a good Exchange of information with healthy Q&A and discussion between the speaker and the audience. Yousuf really did a good job, I’ve met him after a very long time and he is as good as he was.

A number of things have got cleared while making the decision which technology or vendor should you choose if adopting the Virtualization.
1- Why do you want to go for the virtualization?
2- What is your organization type – ISP, Data Centers/Hosting services, 24×7 operation etc.
3- How critical is the downtime for you?
4- How much is the budget?

The virtualization case varies from organization to organization according to their business model. Thus it will help you to decide whether to go for MSFT Windows Hyper-V or Citrix XenAPP or VMWare. All of these have their pros and cons according to the requirements. May be Hyper-V fits for you or vice versa. Since there no VMWare track so I couldn’t find the information about it.

Few major things I’ve got to know is that both Hyper-V and XenApp works the same way , using VMBUS where the Guest OS directly interact with the hardware.

Both Hyper-V and Xen-Server Express is freely available. For Hyper-V you must buy Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition, so nothing comes really free 🙂 and also there is a limitation to Xen-Xpress edition too which max 4GB of memory to each machine is.

A very interesting question was that what If I want to allocate the resource on the fire, does Microsoft support this feature? Answer was NO, but Citrix’s Enterprise and Platinum does support this feature. So again you decide what you are looking for. Microsoft does have VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) to manage the virtual servers but doesn’t offer this feature.

The event was well served with tea/coffee and nice lunch  , we also got the chance to meet the HALO 3 Chief, but I doubt on him as never removed the mask 🙂

So if you missed it and you are in the UAE then do register now for the Dubai event and make the use of this learning opportunity.