May 24th 2008, last week we had BCS AGM in Dubai. This was the annual meeting where all the members were invited and given the report of the last year activities and the fund generated and spent by the BCS. There were a good number of BCS member and we had good exchange of thoughts in the form of comments, suggestions and questions etc.

I was myself there and very happy to know that BCS is now active in Dubai and planning to have more events in Dubai. Now we will have the opportunity to organize the events ourselves and work independently. I’m very excited to know that BUid (British University in Dubai) has signed the MoU with BCS to provide their auditorium available for BCS activities in Dubai. This will help us to organize the regular events in the future.

During the AGM some new positions were announced for the year of 2008-2009 while we do have Engr. Adel Alkaf as our BCS ME Chairman. I myself have been appointed for BCS YPG and Event coordinator in the Dubai. The AGM was ended with a very cool presentation done by Apple Computers. I really liked their new notebook J yes very cool.

So if you are a speaker/trainer/SME interested to speak in one of our event or a vendor who is interested to sponsor the event then do feel free to contact us.

I forgot to mention that all the active members were given the award by BCS-ME. I’ll update the pics as soon as I get it.