You are invited to Party with the Pros! at TechEd 2008 in Orlando. 

This event takes place Monday, June 9th, from 19.00-23.00 (7 pm – 11pm) the night before TechEd begins at International Drive, just two blocks from the convention center.

In order to attend, you must present a Golden Ticket. 

Request your ticket here

So who else is going to be there?

Your fellow IT Professionals, including IT Managers, TechEd Speakers, MCTs, and IT Pro User Group leaders from around the world, as well as Microsoft MVPs (past and present) and TechEd Sponsors.

You should attend if:  you need a beverage,  have a burning tech question,  have questions about TechEd or you  want to know which sessions and speakers are hot.  Find out about local IT Professional associations and user groups.  Or just mingle with your fellow IT Pros.  We’ve invited Tech Ed sponsors and will have some nice give-a-ways for attending, including an IT Pros Network Troubleshooting Tool Kit.

Who is sponsoring this event?  Party with the Pros is brainchild of Doug Spindler, President of Pacific IT Professionals ( an independent non-profit association based in San Francisco. In cooperation with CommunityWorks (, the independent user group association for user group leaders of Bart Martens the party is developed and promoted. At TechEd 2007 in Barcelona Bart Martens, jointly with Microsoft, organized the very successful MS Influencer party.

BitCricket, TechSmith, Network Protocols Specialists, Fluke Networks,
eNews Generator
Quest are sponsors, but we would like to get more sponsors on board. If your company is interested, please contact us.

How is our event different from all the rest?  We have asked sponsors to cover the cost of Party with the Pros.  But unlike TechEd where you will be marketed to all week long, this event is for you, the IT Pro.  Here you are in control and in a more relaxed atmosphere where you talk to sponsors on your terms.  We think you will appreciate the difference. 

And looking ahead, we hope you will enjoy this year’s Party with the Pros and plan on attending next year at Tech Ed 2009.  Attending TechEd Europe in Barcelona? We are already committed to hosting Party with the Pros Barcelona. Party tickets will be available on this site as TechEd Europe approaches.

If you would like to help make Party with the Pros a success or have a suggestion for the event, email us at

Hope to see you there!

Doug Spindler                           Bart Martens

IT Professional                         CommunityWorks