I’m very thankful to Abed Chehab (ASBISME) who invited me to attend this event and I feel very sorry for his family back in Lebanon. This event was outstanding I must say and would give 4 out 5 points. I missed the welcome note by Michael Collins but continued from the Keynote till the end of the day. The overall event was successful and outcome was good too. This is my very first experience with any DELL event in UAE. The good thing I like about the event that I gained enough information especially about the less power consumption in computing or DELL’s way FUTURE OF COMPUTING. I had many question and most of them were answered. DELL claimed that their servers are 25% efficient than HP servers and 29% than IBM servers.

I asked the speaker (Ed English) how- because DELL uses the same processor (Intel/AMD) and other peripherals as used by HP and IBM. So what makes DELL to achieve this?

The answer was DELL is involved in designing the peripherals and not only the CPU is consuming all the powers but things like HDD, Memory, Power Supply etc are also consuming the power. So DELL is involved in the designing of their server. DELL offers the 2 types of Servers now PowerConnect and the Standrad server. PowerConnect are energy efficient servers. Technically there will be 3-5% less performance in the PowerConnect server as compare to the Standard servers but it will be more energy efficient, told by DELL. I think this is a fair deal because this how we can contribute the GREEN Computing or GREEN IT.

DELL introduces something very attractive about their switches, where an additional module can be added anytime rather replacing the whole switch. DELL theme was about GREENING THE IT and thus VURTUALIZATION was another discussion. The overall event went very fine and with more knowledge and better idea about DELL products. I’ve seen DELL very active in the last couple of months in UAE and I think now they are ready to ACT. I’ve not come across any event from HP in the last year and so and now I think DELL is going to as active as they are in USA. So if you have missed this event then you’ve missed a lot I must say.

One thing I’ve noticed during the DELL presentation was the color these theme they used during their presentation. I’m sure there is a meaning behind it because all the speaker used the same color theme i.e. Blue, Red, Yellow and Green while Black was common with all the color scheme. I’ll try to get the answer from one of them.

What we will see in the future is that virtualization at the desktop level. AMD has already produced 2 processors in the month of April for desktop. Have a look here.

Cheers J