I don’t know why I can’t access my blog and my user group website from the UAE local ISP i.e. ETISALAT while at the same time I can access from outside the ETISALAT. I’ve asked my relatives outside other countries and they can access my user group website and my blog. SO WHAT IS WRONG? IS JUST BECAUSE OFMY LAST NIGHT POST?

These website are blocked since 9:30 PM onwards today and it is 11:20 PM now. I don’t how long will take ………………………………….. ?

Accessing from UAE, http://www.techiesonly.com you will see this screen

Network Error

Outside from UAE you at the same time you can see this http://www.techiesonly.com

Same thing is with my blog http://adnanrafik.com/blog

Within UAE

Accessing outside UAE ISP

So why these 2 websites are blocked in the whole UAE. There is nothing against political or any religion. It doesn’t make any sense. Are you reading Etisalat ? I’m sure you can see this post. So do fix it please.