Just a while ago I got the chance to see Microsoft Gulf website and got shocked that one of the Dubai based company is offering FREE WINDOWS VISTA installation. Yes it is true but it is for home users only. “What does it mean?”. I think Microsoft wants to push Windows Vista to the local market as people are yet to afraid using the product or the product is doing a good business or it could be anything? I know majority of the people still using Windows XP Pro and Home Edition instead upgrading to the Windows Vista. Well if you buy a brand new laptop then it comes with pre-installed Windows Vista Home Edition so why do I need a free installation?

Does my old PC support the Windows Vista?

The offer doesn’t feel bad but it doesn’t make sense to me because again if I’m gonna buy a new PC it comes with pre-installed Windows Vista. So for what reason should I go for the Free Vista installation?


Is The Support After The Installation Also Free? L