Yes SharePointConferenceDubai is over now; if you have missed it then you missed something you never thought. A wonderful conference ever happen in Dubai (since 2003 I’m here attending). I don’t know where to start and right now it is 11:06 p.m. Wednesday evening and tired too. It was not 2 days for me but also 2 nights and met many new good people, hanged out in the night while heavy doze sessions in the morning was really an un-matched experience. If you were the victim of your boss who didn’t allow you to attend the conference then they made a mistake and I pity on you. Sorry guys.

The event was jammed packed even though it was paid and both days it was amazing experience, very good topics and quality of the sessions was good (what I’ve attended). The feedback from the end-users was good too (yes I interacted with few attendees). I never expected myself this many people to attend the SharePointConferenceDubai. A couple of weeks we internally (can’t mention here who and where internally) were discussing about the lack of support for SharePoint in the region but this event changed the picture and it is very promising to have good support of SharePoint in the future. I don’t want to go into the details of the topics or content but if you are interested visit the url mentioned above or this one

I also got the chance to meet Joel Oleson who is the guru of SharePoint and worked for a senior position in Microsoft USA. His session was kool and he had most of the answer throughout the days. It was difficult to catch him but we caught him and had good time with this guy. I met one more guy MVP SharePoint Todd Klindt , I’ve been calling him all the time Captain because he speaks like a commander J . I also met other guys from different companies and we had good time together. The first day session was close at 1700 hours and then we had dinner from 1930 till 2200. This was about networking , so very few people utilized this networking time and most of the people kept seated instead making the use of this opportunity provided by Microsoft. After a very long time I got the chance to see the very business woman Saba Corm, she was very enthusiastic as I saw her last time in a Office roadshow last year. I met a new face from Microsoft MEA Patrick Beeharry, very good and knowledgeable person but he is related to marketing so don’t expect too much technical but he has very background. I liked his presentation too. I also got the chance to meet the people from HP and they have come up with the Information Management solution and a specialized solution for SharePoint too. I got the chance to meet the AMD representative Dr. Ulrich Knechtel and I spoke to him for almost 30 minutes and I got most of the answers form him about the AMD technology and why it is better for SharePoint, he is master in his area.

Well other than this I met the SharePoint Jordanian User group members, MVP Mohamed Saleh, Mohannad and MVP Bander. I also met the guys from Avepoint (T.J and Atif) and a Dutch guy Alex. T.J thanks for the drinks and the dinner J and Mohannad for the juices too J. You will find most of the pictures and event highlights on these urls. I wanted to have the pictures myself too but my camera was discharged unexpectedly L but anyways these guys have done the job so it’s ok.

Before I end the post here I must thank you to Tarek Mandou, without your help I couldn’t make the use of this opportunity. Thanks again. I’d recommend to have more sessions like this in the future specially on the Exchange Server 2007.


Cheers J