CLV – Country Lead Volunteer. This is a new volunteer position by Culminis to pick one CLV from the region, so am I J. Last month I got the chance to meet Sanjay Shetty from his busy schedule flying from France to Dubai for a short period. We discussed many things in details how-to improve the community work in the region and how Culminis can help the user group. What Culminis is thinking, what is the future of user group with Culminis? He gave me positive answers and I hope in the future I’ll see those answers in action.

Culminis has come up with a 5 new core services, they have re-structured their model to support the community and soon we will see the result of this new design. The point I always raise is that there is lack of support or coordination between the user groups and the vendors. If the user group get find a way to get connected with the vendors then 50% of the job is done and it will also help the vendors. I also mentioned that the senior management like CIO, CTO, CFO and IT manager they still don’t know the value of user groups and IT communities. They are not aware of it and the question is who will bring it in their notice. There must a way. Every culture is different do does the UAE is.


For more detailed CLV details please read THE VOICE, a monthly publication from Culminis.


Cheers : Adnan Rafik CLV.