A couple of months back I’ve written a very short post on GROOVE. This time I’m elaborating a bit more on GROOVE, I can call myself an experienced user nowJ If you click on the HELP button in MS GROOVE you fill see thisWelcome to Microsoft Office Groove 2007

Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 is Internet software for making direct connections with the people who are important to you. With Office Groove 2007, you can bring together team members from both inside and outside your company, with no IT assistance required and no need to waste time thinking about firewalls, servers, security, or network access. Additionally, you can enjoy the efficiency of always knowing each other’s virtual location, or online presence, thus allowing for organic and quick conversation and collaboration.

So what exactly the GROOVE is?The definition of Groove from dictionary.com is
5. Slang. an enjoyable time or experience.

This is all about experience, the experience to collaborate or better call it enjoyable experience for the collaboration. Today we are heavily email dependant and most of our routine work either personal or professional depends upon email. We share the documents via email then update the same content and send it back to the originator and in case if more than 2 people are involved then many number of editing on the same document and sending it back and forth till is it finished. Isn’t a repetitive task and increasing the data traffic even though it is in Kbps.

What if your email server is down or need some maintenance but at the same time you want to connect to your team and finish working on that document?

What if you need that document at a crucial time while the email server is down and you no longer have the document in your off-line email folder?

How would you manage different documents at the same time with different teams? I think your answer probably is via email.

Our most of the daily jobs totally depending on emails and if no emails then no work or no business.

Back in nineties I do remember we used to have POP3 email accounts using Outlook Express. The email concept was very new that time and very few people realized the importance of email. There was no use of Calendars, Task, Contacts, and Appointments etc. or these terms were new that time. Today we all know and we can’t live our lives without being connected. We share our contacts, request for meeting, assign the task or get it assigned etc.So the time has changed and we don’t really use the email alone. Today if we don’t receive any email we realize that there is something wrong:). Now we are moving from emails to the new phrase called collaboration.

Collaboration a next level to the email.In the next couple of year we will see everyone depending on collaboration tool like MS GROOVE. So coming back to the point how it does help or it can help you.

It makes you 

      Stay connected anywhere and anytime
     Connect with different teams at the same time
     Stay connected with the partners, teams members and even the customers

What it does require?
A piece of software itself. That’s it. Install it and there you go.
It avoids tons of email and gives you the better management and collaboration

It does not need any modification in your firewall or any special permission in your desktop firewall. 

It keeps the data off-line and updates regularly

So what you need?One GROOVE and Internet connection only. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/groove/HA101650611033.aspx