Springboard Live! Interactive Virtual Roundtable
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
9:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time

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Still undecided about Windows Vista?
Are you planning to deploy Windows Vista?
What’s new in Windows Vista SP1?

To find these answers and many more get registered now. A panel of IT Gurus, Subject Matter Experts and MVP will answer your queries. This will one of the best opportunities to get the confusion cleared and move towards the deployment of Windows Vista.Top issue currently discussed in TechNet Forum about Windows Vista§ 

Windows Vista SP1 – Includes discussions of installing SP1 and prerequisites, as well as overall improvements in performance.

Hardware drivers and SP1 – Drivers include video cards, web cams, and some audio cards do not work with SP1.

– Networking issues – Includes discussions of connectivity with Windows XP, RDP, slow network browsing, wireless connectivity issues, and slow file copy. Remote Desktop – RDP issues include connectivity, resource redirection, security, terminal services, TSWeb, and VPNs.

Security – Continues to be a top issue and includes discussions of UAC, group policy, securing resources, security updates, SP1, firewall, and anti-virus. 

Learn about

– Prerequisites
– Performance
– Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 “Better Together”, specifically highlighting:  RDPand  NAP
Security issues