If you have ever used Remote Wipes in Exchange 2003 then you must know what you can do and if not then it is a very good feature in case if you PDA or Smartphone is stolen where you have important and you don’t want the bad guys to read your data. In case of Exchange 2003 server you are supposed to call your IT support guys inform them that your PDA is stolen so they can do the Remote Wife. The point to note here is that whether you have the 24×7 support team, what if the IT support is not available when your PDA is stolen and they will be available next working. What will you do this in this case?

Now in Exchange 2007 you don’t need to call the IT support. Yes you can do it yourself. Access your account using OWA and do it online immediately. Simple is that…. But again I if the user himself is novice user and do the Remote Wipe mistakenly then?