Do We Have ONE VOICE? THE VOICE, have you heard before? I’ve shared with you long time back but again this is the time to remind you people about it. THE VOICE is Our Voice, My Voice, Your Voice, and Everyone’s Voice. If you are an IT Pro and want to contribute to the community then You Voice can be heard.

THE VOICE is a monthly publication from CULMINIS Inc USA. In early days it was published only for the UG Leaders (User Group) but later on it is announced to be shared with all the members of the User Group. THE VOICE is really a good initiative to raise Your Voice for the betterment of IT System, to bring the change in the community or help peer members through your experience and sharing of knowledge.

There are a number of benefits from THE VOICE. If you are really excited then visit the URL and subscribe for the monthly issue i.e. THE VOICE.

And don’t forget to fill the survey.