DIVE DEEPER must be a new word for the IT Pro of Dubai and Gulf Region but it’s been around for a couple of year in Europe. DIVE DEEPER is another step to grow your career in the dynamic changing world of IT. Today we need to learn fast in a short span of time which is not possible to learn if you plan to do it ourselves, so there come DIVE DEEPER. DIVE DEEPER is 100% pure technical event/session for the IT Pro run by IT Pro and there is no marketing for any product like other events. DIVE DEEPER has been very successful in the Europe and now planning to do the same in MEA.

 This is the very first time that DIVE DEEPER training is coming to Dubai UAE with a big team of international IT GURUS (MVP/MCT/Experts). This event will be more than a training event where you will meet the industry experts and get the chance for networking with peer IT Pros.

The good thing is that DIVE DEEPER team has seriously considered working with the user groups i.e. TECHIES (www.techiesonly.com) in Dubai UAE and ASP-PC (www.ask-pc.com) in Cairo Egypt.

We want this event to be a success for the success of IT Pro and this is just a start to bring the international expert into the local IT industry.

Cheers J   For more details checkout www.techiesonly.com