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This product is totally different if compared to EX03. The design is very good and it can be deployed to SMB and the Enterprises. In fact new modifications or improvements are done specifically for the Enterprise but SMB will also get the benefit.The ideal scenario of Exchange 07At least 2 servers if you are looking for messaging, I’m not talking about UC (unified messaging).

If you want to have email access anytime anywhere, enrich outlook, OWA, Active-sync etc, you gotta have to put 2 servers at least.One should be an Edge Transport server and the other will be running Mailbox, Client Access and Hub Transport Server.

 Yes few new terms with very extensive features. Do keep in mind that EX07 has been designed not to face the Internet to reduce the security and provide more safe of communication. EX07 Edge Transport Server can be a part of your DC or can be a standalone server at the perimeter. It gives you anti-spam and anti-virus capabilities if installed.

Different roles of Ex07

Client Access
Edge Transport Server
Hub Transport Server
Unified Messaging
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