For a couple of year I’ve been looking for some IT related forum or a body where people from the same industry talk about IT. The life is very different in UAE because of different people from different. This different people and different culture can be a good benefit to all of us if we are connected with a social networking platform.

I’ll not prefer a join a social network event where people talk about medicine or mechanical engineering rather I’d prefer a technology forum or an IT forum specifically. I’d prefer to meet the people from same industry where we can talk about the technology, thought sharing and many other things. Everyone will have interest for this kind of forum or meeting.

I was unable to find this type of activity in Dubai so I decided to start my own i.e. TECHIES and it took me more than two years where I’m today. TECHIES is the only platform where many IT Pro (IT MANAGERS, SYSTEMS ENGINEERS etc) are connected with each other.

I was also looking for a standard body which promotes IT, since I’m a member of IEEE for almost 10 years but I didn’t find IEEE much involved in IT, as IEEE have more than 35 societies and one of them is Computer Society.  Again there were not enough events or meeting what I’ve been looking for but I was recommended by one of the IEEE member to join BCS.

Now I’m quite ok with BCS and they are deriving the IT Professionalism in UAE since I met the chairman and other members and found them very enthusiastic. They are very clear what they want to achieve and they are doing event actively in the emirates, which a good sign in the future.

There is a lot to talk on BCS since they match the same idea what I’ve in my mind and have been doing it for a couple of years and I think now the time has come to accelerate the process of IT Professionalism in the region.

I’d recommend you to join BCS and be a part of it. And don’t forget to check the BCS website for more information.

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