Lately I’ve upgraded my laptop to Windows Vista Business Edition on SBS 2003 R2 network. I tried configuring the Vista using http://sbssrvr/ConnectComputer but I received the error that I can’t continue and I need to update the patch on SBS 2003 server to continue the procedure on adding a new machine. Since this a compatability issue of Vista with SBS2003 but this issues can be resolved by applying

KB article 926505 & KB article 911829Visit this url for more details

Once you are done with updating the above KBs on SBS2003 R2 then follow the http://sbssrvr/ConnectComputer you will then see the following snapshot during your installation.

Adding Vista to SBS2003 R2 DC

Adding Vista to SBS2003 DC

Adding Vista to SBS2003

Adding vista to SBS2003

adding vista to sbs 2003

adding vista to sbs 2003