Benefits of using RWW

 There is not a very big list of benefits of RWW but there are very few and very usefulIf you are an IT administrator then you can provide the remote support to the en-user from your desktop.If you are an IT administrator and if you are not available at the on-site but the user need supports from you then you can support him/her from anywhere and anytime. You just need an internet connection.If you are an IT Solution Provider then you can also entertain the support call from your office. You can log into the customer’s corporate PC, troubleshoot the problem and that’s it. Thus it saves your travel time, support time and helps you to manage multiple support call in the same time it would have taken to you to visit the customer site.  

 SBS 2003 R2 can help you generate more revenue if you really know how-to do it.If you are business user and you are out of office or out of country and suddenly you need to access some financial files at 3:00 AM then what would you do? Simple – just log into your desktop from anywhere and anytime and access your important file. You can also have access to your corporate Exchange email anytime anywhere.


This gives you easy access to your data in a secured way.