MS Virtualization from Datacenter to Desktops

What was the session about?

Technical –

               it was about isolation of products
                   running different OS on top of Host OS
                   better performance and robustness
                   better managing the IT infrastructure
                   running different versions of same application on the same desktop at the same time

Managerial  –

                   reducing downtime
                   less resources more productivity
                   less space required for the data center
                   less power consumption, better use of CPU/Memory etc
                   saving Total Cost of Ownership
                   better license utilization
 There is much more to know. Wole was outstanding and his session gave me a new roadmap to my consultancy and to help other IT decision makers to show them how important is VITUALIZATION now.

Wole did the demo during the session which was the most interesting thing for me, since I saw myself running two versions of MS Access i.e. MS Access 2000 and MS Access 2007. This was achieved by the technology called Sandbox. I know I’m missing so many things now but I need to recall and write it again.

He also talked about Virtualization of Windows Terminal services thus for Citrix too. He also talked about different layers of Virtualization and how does it work, what steps are included and what exactly is the design. He gave some points during the session where a smart IT manager can better utilize the product licenses. He also talked about the hosted application through virtualization.


Thanks Wole see you again.