WSUS, nothing new. Yes it is Windows Software Update Services 2.0 released with R2 long time back and version 3.0 is also available. I’ve been configuring on WSUS 2.0 in SBS 2003 R2 thought I should with you. WSUS helps to push the patch across the network to make the job easier for an IT guy. If you manage network 10-70 computers then this is perfect for you and you should not wait anymore. Just do it and make your life easier, thus implement PATCH MANAGEMENT.

update services

The above pictures shows the Update Services in SBS 2003 R2 Server Management. You can see the status here that what updates are waiting for review and what needs to be installed. It also shows the Update Services Setting which actually shows you the time to automatically push the updates on a scheduled time

 updates deploy

Here you can see the updates waiting for Review. You right click on each and every individual updates view it and approve it as necessary. Once it is approved then it will be pushed to the desktops on the network on a pre-configured schedule time.

 updates details

Here you can see more details and description of the updates..

updates deployed

Finally, this is a screen capture of one of the desktops where updates haven been deployed automatically once it was approved.  

Note : updates can be deployed automatically when there is an update but in my case I do approve the updates manually and then it gets to the network desktops. 

Cheers 🙂