Yes! DELL is rocking in Dubai UAE.  Now DELL is as serious as their competitors are. After meeting some senior people in DELL I got to know about their plan and how DELL is going to help their customers as they are doing in USA. I’m a very much HP guy and always had a question why there is no DELL? Why DELL is coming to Dubai since there is a demand but they are not serious and only two authorized partners  re-selling the DELL which is quite in –sufficient  and were not capable enough the server the small medium business area.

DELL now is moving very seriously to the SMB market with their new partners plus they have launched a new series of desktops i.e. VOSTRO specifically targeted for the SMB. Now DELL offers toll free support in working hours Sunday through Thursday UAE local time. DELL has hundreds of TECH Support people at their call center. DELL also offers 24×7 supports to their premium partners and also assures the availability of any replacement of part within A BUSINESS DAY.

I didn’t know all this one week back but when I met the people at DELL I was quite surprised because they are offering much better services as compared to their competitors. DELL has a number of warehouses in the region which assures that yes then can make the part available very next day.  So let’s DELL since they are as good as they are in USA.

If you want to know how to get your DELL parts replaced in a working day or how to get FREE SUPPORT from DELL, then contact me offline.