Since SBS2003 R2 is a single server installation then there is always a risk of hardware failure which can be very painful. So there is a need to avoid such failure and loss of data, thus we need a backup plan and a schedule to achieve minimum loss of data. Normally for a small business network it can be done either on separate HDD on the same server or taking the backup on tape drives/DLTs. If you plan for DLTs then you better not to forget another HDD (cost very y less) which will give you faster Restore.

Do make sure your backup works fine by restoring because we the BACKUP to be RESTORED when it is needed. SBS2003 R2 comes with a backup utility where you can mention the source of backup media and the schedule as you’d like to prefer. You can also do the backup of open file if Volume Shadows Copy is enabled.

So again SBS2003 R2 is the best suitable product for any business ranging from 5-75 users/devices on a network. SBS Rocks J   .