What is SBS?

SBS is a Small Business Server, designed specifically for those organizations where they have up to 75 user/devices. It gives you all the features run by an enterprise organization like email, company website (intranet), remote workspace, security /firewall etc.

SBS R2 – if you deploy SBS R2 in your organization doesn’t mean that your organization is a small organization but as I said earlier it is for the organization which has up to 75 user/devices. So if you have network of 50 Users/Devices then you can go for the Small Business Server R2.

There are 2 different versions of SBSR2

What is R2 in SBSR2?
SBSR2 where R2 has updated features in the Small Business Sever. The new features are of great productivity without any extra cost.

By default both SBSR2 versions come by default 5 CALs.